About Me

It started in October, 1963. The guy in the new 1964 GTO said “wanna go for a ride?”. Duh!  As he slammed the GTO into the curves on Willamette Blvd, near the University of Portland, I mentally told myself “someday, someday”. That someday almost came in 1970 when the fairly new wife and I bought a 67 Lemans with the Sprint option, 1st nice car we had. Eventually the GTO came and then another and so on. Parted many a car in the early 1980’s, to get parts for my cars, no repop stuff available back then.

Now it’s driving the cars and selling off the remaining parts that were kept from the parts cars. Once in awhile some non-Pontiac or non-GTO stuff found me, but we REALLY like the GTO’s.