What the Heck is a zboo?  Well I’ve told the story a few times but just had a close friend find the old club newsletter that started it. Editor at the time was a paramedic with a local fire department, on 48 and off 72. He had an old typewriter, was “tired” when he was doing the late newsletter and below are the results and if you look at the closeup you can see other examples of how “tired” he was:



Now I’m sure I’ve been called a lot of 4 letter words over the years, but thank God this is the one that stuck.

How Do I Purchase Parts? I try to maintain the accuracy of parts available pretty close and most of the time if it doesn’t say Sold the part is still available. Email, zboo2@comcast.net, what you want, include your zip code and I’ll figure cheapest/best shipping and get back to you. Payment can be personal check, USPS money order or Paypal. Do not take credit cards. Mailing address is: Bob Vidan, 7510 NW 16th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98665

What About Shipping? 99% of the time I use USPS or Fedex. If you want expedited shipping or another carrier, just let me know.

What about product guarantees? I’m pretty picky on description of goods to the point I usually understate quality. When you open the box, the reaction I’m after from you is “it’s better then I thought it would be”. If you’re not happy, I’m not and we’ll work out any issue that exists.

Can I get more pictures of the part? Absolutely. I’m no where near an even good picture taker and the shown pictures are average at best. So ask for more if you want, I might get lucky and get a really good one or two.

Do you give advice? Sure but let’s keep it to Pontiacs. I’ve collected several Master Parts Catelogs that cover from 1955 – 1976, so I can look up parts numbers and specific applications found in those books. Anything beyond that is fair game.

Do you take trades? I have in the past and might now but the main point is to move parts out and get them into the hands of someone that will use/needs them.