Lens, Bezels, and Tail Light Related


57 Pontiac License Light. Very nice original, works, wire uncut. 8/10  $25.00 Sold


61 Pontiac License Light. Nice, working original, uncut wire. 8/10  $20.00 Sold


64 GTO License Lamp. Refurbished original w/dated lens. 8/10  $20.00


65/7 GTO License Lamp. Refurbished original w/dated lens. 8/10  $20.00


68 GTO License Lamp. Refurbished original w/dated lens. 8/10  $20.00


61 – 2 Tempest Tail Light Lens. NOS in the box. 9.5/10  $5.00 Sold


61 Star Chief Tail Light Lens Set. NORS Globrite set of 6, 3 LH and 3 RH. 9.5/10  $45.00


62 GP Tail Light Lens. No chips/cracks, stainless has pits, with gasket 7/10  $10.00 Sold


62 Bonneville Tail Light Lens Set. NOS, in the boxes, both sides, only LH is shown. 9.5/10  $45.00 a set Sold


62 Pontiac BU Light Assembly. Nice chrome, nice lens. 7.5/10  $25.00 Sold


62/7 GTO, GP Reelout Trunk Light Lens. NOS, perfect  10/10  $50.00 Sold.


63 GP Tailight Lens & Housings. Nice, no cracks or chips  7.5/10  $45.00 a pair Sold

63 GP RH Tail Light Assembly & LH Housing. No chips/cranks in the lens, nice housings.  8/10  $35.00 a pair.

63 Lemans RH Tail Light Assembly. Very nice, virtually no pits, very nice chrome and lens.  9/10  $160.00  Sold

64 GP LH Backup Lens. Very nice, no chips or cracks. 9/10  $85.00 Sold


64 GTO LH Tail Light. Nearly pit free, very nice piece. 9/10 $225.00 Sold

64 Tempest Tail Light Assemblies. Nice pair, super clean at bumper cutouts, lens & chrome are good.  8/10  $100.00 a pair

64 GTO/Lemans Tail Light Bezels. Decent pair, both have some pitting, mostly on the lower ribs. RH is nicer than the LH. Ask for more pictures if you want. 7/10 $50.00/pair Sold


66 GTO LH Tail Light. Superb, no chips/cracks 9/10  $175.00 Sold


66 GP RH Tail Light Assembly. Polished, no chips/cracks  9/10  $50.00


67 GTO Tail Light Assemblies. LH perfect, RH has 2 hard to see hairline cracks. 8/10  $350.00 Sold


57 Pontiac Backup Lens. Decent originals w/spidering.  7/10  $25.00 a pair All sold


64/6 GTO Backup Light Assemblies. Perfect lens, nice chrome, working. 8/10  $75.00


64/7 GTO Backup Light Brackets. Excellent, ready to install $25.00 a pair

66 Tempest Lemans LH Tail Light Assembly. Excellent chrome & lens but has a nick on the lower outside, ask for pictures B4 you buy.  7/10  $30.00

63 Lemans/Tempest Gas Door. No rust/pits, been bead blasted & primed. 9/10  $30.00 Sold

64 Tempest Gas Door & Molding. Door was bead blasted and primed, is very nice. Molding nice also, couple of small pits.  Has original acorn nuts on molding.  8/10  $45.00


67 GTO Backup Light. Nice but wire is cut. 7.5/10  $22.00 Sold


67 GTO Backup Lights. Nice pair, working, need gaskets. 8.5/10  $65.00 Sold


67 Tempest Tail Light Lens. Excellent, no cracks or spidering. 8.5/10  $25.00 Sold


68 Tempest RH Tail Light Lens. Slight crack, left of bu lens, otherwise nice.  7/10  $15.00 Sold


69 Tempest Custom RH Tail Light Assembly. Some pits in the lower, black area mostly covered by the bumper, horizontal crack in bu lens. 7.5/10  $60.00

70/2 Tempest Lemans RH Tail Light Lens. Some spidering in the center section, otherwise very decent.  7/10  $20.00