Lighting and Related Parts


57 Pontiac Turn Signal Lens. Originals w/spidering.  7/10  $10.00 a pair. Sold


62 Pontiac RH Park Light Assembly. Excellent, no chips/cracks, works.  8.5/10  $25.00 Sold

63/4 P8 x/GP, 65 GTO Park Light Lens. 2 usable pair, pebble nick, maybe slight crack, not chipped/broken. 7/10  $10.00 a pair   All sold.

64/5 T8 Park Light Housings. Refinished and working, clear bulbs.  9/10 $50.00/Pair

64/5 T8 Park Light Housings w/Lens. Refinished and working, decent lens, yellow bulbs.  8/10 $75.00/Pair


66/7 Lemans Tempest Park Light Lens. Pair of LH, one is better, both good, no chips/cracks  7/10  $12.00 a pair. Sold


66/7 Lemans Tempest RH Turn Signal Lens. Nice, no cracks 8.5/10  $15.00  

68 GTO RH Turn Signal Lens. Decent, has cracks seen in the circle on the lens.  7/10  $15.00 Sold

68/71 GTO GP Head Light Bulb Set. Nice, cleaned, tested originals. 8.5/10  $75.00 a set of 4, have several sets.


60’s All Underhood Trouble Light. Very nice, works.  8.5/10  $35.00

64/7 GTO Under Hood Light. Nice, working original.  8.5/10  $100.00 Sold

64/7 GTO Under Hood Light Switch & Bracket. Switch is good, bracket nice. 8.5/10  $25.00 Sold


69 Catalina, Bonneville Park Light Lens. Nice, RH has small chip on the bottom. 7/10 $10.00 Sold


69 – 72 Grand Prix Park Light Bezel. RH, very nice original. 9/10  $15.00 Sold


71 Pontiac Turn Signal Assemblies. NOS in the boxes. 9.5/10  $45.00 a pair. Sold