Miscellaneous Radios, By Make, By Year If Known


1930’s Detrola Car Radio. Looks complete inside but needs restoration.  7/10  $50.00 Sold

1930’s Graham Paige AM radio. Untested, looks pretty nice, not sure if it’s complete. Model 85000-M  8/10  $150.00 Sold


36 Stewart Warner, Model R160. Needs restoration,  clean and looks complete on the insides. 18Lbs.  $35.00 Sold

37 Hudson Radio. Not tested, looks clean, includes control head and some wiring.  DB-37  8/10  $75.00 Sold

38 Hudson AM Radio. Not tested, pretty nice condition for age. Model DB-38  7/10  $45.00 Sold

39 Nash AM radio. Might not be Nash or 1939, that’s what it’s marked. Not tested but has pretty nice cosmetics. 7/10  $59.00 Sold

40 Nash AM radio. Not tested but looks nice, missing LH knob. 8/10  $75.00 Sold


42 Nash Ambassador AM Radio. Looks excellent but no power, needs work. 8.5/10  $85.00

46/8 Nash AM radio. Very nice looking, not tested, don’t know how. 8/10  $45.00 Sold

46/7 Packard AM radio. Has power but squeals thru the speaker. 382042 7.5/10  $45.00 Sold

47 Nash AM radio. Very nice looking, not tested, don’t know how.  9/10  $75.00


47/48 Kaiser AM Radio. Doesn’t work, for part or repair  GE Model 230  7.5/10  $33.00 Sold

47/9 Studebaker AM PB Radio. Doesn’t play but needs some tubes replaced, great cosmetics. S4627   8/10  $55.00 Sold


1948ish Automatic Radio. Unknown working condition, 6 volt. M-86 8/10  $20.00 Sold

48 Hudson radio control head by Philco. NOS, for use with Philco CR8 & CR12. Couple of the PB’s a lightly damaged.  9/10  $35.00


48/51 Hudson Radio. Plays but needs vibrator and manual tune is stuck. 8/10  $45.00 Sold

49 – early 51 Kaiser Radio. Not tested, fairly rough as seen, cheap. GE Model 233  6/10  $15.00 Sold


49 Nash AM Radio. Not tested, nice cosmetics as seen. 8/10  $125.00  Sold

49 Nash radio bezel and knob. Both very nice.  9/10  $20.00 Sold

49 Packard AM Radio. Excellent looking, perfect chrome. Tested but buzzes thru the speaker, needs attention. 393772   9/10  $75.00

49/50 Studebaker AM radio. Not tested, missing dial face, knobs/bezels. S4927  6/10  $45.00 Sold

50’s/60’s Philips Paladin 384 AM Radio. Have no idea what it fits, VW? Porsche? Untested 6/12 volt 7/10  $25.00

50’s Allstate AM Radio. Plays weak, needs vibrator, under dash mount. 6284  8.5/10  $25.00 Sold


50 Desoto AM Radio. Excellent cosmetics, condition unknown. Mopar 808 8/10  $65.00 Sold

50/3 Nash radio dials, knobs and bezels. Nice as seen.  8.5/10  $25.00 for the lot. Sold


51/2 Hudson AM Radio. Made by Motorola, unknown working condition, no power supply. Model H2N  7.5/10  $10.00 Sold

51/2 Parkard AM Signal Seeking Radio. Stunning cosmetics, plays well, wonder bar needs attention, doesn’t move the dial.  416394  8/10  $175.00

51/2 Parkard AM Push Button Radio. Nice looking, has power but only buzzes thru the speaker, Speaker wires inside not attached to speaker. 416387  8/10 $35.00

Late 51/53 Kaiser Radio. Not tested but has nice cosmetics as seen. Kaiser Model 100700.  8/10  $100.00  

55 Packard AM Radio. Plays great, needs a vibrator, speaker is excellent. 472046  8/10  $160.00 Sold


56 Hudson AM Radio. Nice cosmetics, working condition unknown. Model 6MA  8/10  $90.00 Sold

56/57? Rambler AM Radio. Excellent cosmetics, doesn’t work but cheap.  8/10  $20.00 Sold

56/7 Nash radio dial, knobs and bezels. Nice pieces, knobs and bezels need detailed.  8.5/10  $22.00 for the lot.


56/7 Studebaker AM Radio. Plays well, good cosmetics, needs 12v vibrator. AC 2746  8/10  $75.00 Sold

56 57 Studebaker radio face plate, knobs, 1 bezel. FP has scattered pin point pits, knobs and bezels are nice.  7.5/10  $15.00 Sold


56 Packard Wonder Bar Radio. May work, needs vibrator, excellent cosmetics, speaker looks good. 6480488  8.5/10  $225.00 Sold

59 Rambler Rebel Ambassador Radio Parts. Bezel has pin point pits on the underside. other pieces near mint. 8/10  $15.00 Sold

59 Mercedes Becker AM FM radio. Not tested but has power. Nice cosmetics.  8/10  $175.00  Sold


60 Rambler AM Radio. Plays well, super cosmetics. 04MA  9/10  $50.00

60 Studebaker Lark Hawk Am Radio. Doesn’t work, looks pretty nice, w/face plate.  AC-2978  8/10  $55.00 Sold

60’s/70’s Bowman AM FM Radio. Plays excellent. Faceplate is 3 5/8 x 1 1/2, knobs adjust from 4 7/8 – 5 1/8 CTC.  8.5/10  $20.00


63/4 VW AM Radio. Plays good, nice cosmetics, everything OK  8/10  $95.00 Sold


63 Rambler AM Radio. Super cosmetics, plays very well. 3TMR  8.5/10 $30.00 Sold


64 Rambler AM Radio. Unknown working condition. 4TMR  7.5/10  $30.00 Sold

64?/65? Rambler American AM Radio. Plays good, not exactly sure of year, LH PB has small chip.. Made by Philips Am3163.  7.5/10  $35.00 Sold

66 Rambler AM Radio. Plays well, nice cosmetics. Model 6SMR  8/10  $45.00 Sold

66/67 Porsche AM/FM/SW Radio. Hard to find, not tested, Frankfurt US model.  8/10  $375.00

67 Rambler American AM Radio. Plays well, nice cosmetics. Model 7SMA  9/10  $45.00 Sold

68 AMC Rebel AM FM Radio. Doesn’t play, looks excellent. F8SMR  9/10  $75.00 Sold


69/72 Opel Kadett AM Radio. Plays well, looks good. Model 04LPB1  8/10  $35.00 Sold

69/70? AMC Rebel SST Ambassador AM FM radio. Plays good on both bands, glass cracked on the AM side, RH knob pitted. 7.5/10 $150.00 Sold

75 Opel AM Radio by Audiovox. Plays well, probably fits several years, nice cosmetics.  8/10  $25.00


Early 70’s Jeep AM Radio. Plays great, looks super. 9/10 $65.00 Sold


Late 1970’s Datsun AM FM Radio. Working condition unknown, don’t know how to hook up to test. A-1551  9/10  $50.00 Sold


66 VW AM Radio. Plays well, 6 volt, great cosmetics. 6TMV  8.5/10 $99.00 Sold


67?/68 VW AM Radio. Untested, not sure of hookup. 8BV  8/10  $20.00